Monday, 12 September 2016

Cauliflower rice with mixed veggies

Speedy and super tasty

A scrumptious dinner in less than 10 minutes
Love carbs but hate the feeling of getting bloated? Like rice but don't have the patience to cook it? Have no fear, for cauliflower rice is (finally) here. A recent discovery of mine (thanks to reading the Minimalist Baker's superb blog post), this white rice dupe is the perfect light supper option. Simply buy some cauliflower, mince it up in a food processor (or a box grater if you don't have this fancy gadget), saute it in a pan and hey presto, there's your dinner! To avoid blandness, I recommend adding a good sprinkle of salt, pepper and lemon/lime juice when you're cooking the rice. I also topped mine with some red chilli flakes, just for an extra bit of spice and tastiness. Serve it with whatever you want (in my case, boiled veggies).

A healthy but filling way to end the day. Totally beats a microwaveable TV dinner. 

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Sunday, 11 September 2016

3 ingredient pancakes

Monday morning inspiration 

Yummy + nutritious = perfect brekkie combo

If you're always rushing to work and can't afford to spend hours cooking a decent breakfast, then this pancake recipe by the internationally renowned top model Karlie Kloss is definitely for you. Simple and easy to make, you only need 3 common household ingredients, specifically 1 egg, 1 banana and some porridge oats, to whip up this delicious and vegetarian-friendly morning treat. Feel free to spruce it up with some other add-ons like cinnamon, blueberries, and maple syrup to make your breakfast extra scrumptious. 

Guaranteed to taste waaaay better and more filling than a shop-bought muesli bar (which used to be my go-to brekkie option whenever I was dashing out to beat the morning traffic). 

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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Brighton & Whitby

When it rains, it pours

That was precisely what was happening outside my window at around 9pm last night till the early hours of today (i.e. Sunday). Fortunately, the wet and thundery weather appears to have made its departure before I woke up this morning. Although it won't be long till it returns...

When will it stop?
As much as I appreciate the rain, it wouldn't be a "Sun"day if there was no sun.

There's no way we can control this inclement weather. But what we can do, or at least what I usually do, is to think back to all the good ol' days when the sun actually kept its promise.


Lunchtime in Brighton
I'm sure the majority of you would have heard of this place. However, if you haven't, Brighton is essentially a large seaside town located in East Sussex. It's become a popular destination for those craving a day away from the hectic city life in Southern England or simply overseas tourists. 

The one thing that did sort of surprise me when I went was the lack of sand on the beach. Obviously, this didn't fit my existing schema of a white, sandy beach that I'd grown up to love whilst I was living in Australia. However, with a variety of other Georgian inspired attractions, vintage shops, plus funfair rides and games, I think these landmarks have clearly made up for what the beach itself lacked. Plus it wasn't that uncomfortable to sit on the beach (just make sure you bring a mat).

Amusement attractions at Brighton 
Sunset ferris wheel ride
Looking out towards Brighton pier
If I had to pinpoint a favourite moment of my visit, it would definitely have to be exploring the Royal Pavilion. It was simply an amazing building on the outside and the inside. Totally not what I would have expected from a seaside town.

Brighton's Royal Pavilion 


When I was studying in North East England, people would often ask me how much sunlight we got each day. Their assumption was that the weather was probably horrid, dark and gray. However, my photos have often proven them wrong, especially the ones I took at my favourite UK seaside town: Whitby.

Out at sea

Strolling on Whitby's beach
From boating trips and a steam train adventures, to Captain Cook's memorial museum and confectionary shoppes, Whitby is definitely a place where you need to spend an entire day at (especially since this place ACTUALLY has sand!).

Whitby train station
All aboard the Whitby boating tour!
Replica of Captain Cook's ship
Obviously I cannot guarantee that you'll definitely be graced by stunning weather. However, if you do happen to be blessed, I suggest walking around the entire town to explore every nook and cranny before you narrow down on what you want to see first.

Heading out to sea, Whitby lighthouse on the right

Looking up towards the Church of Saint Mary
Aside from its seaside attractions, Whitby is also home to the famous Whitby Abbey. Ever read about or at least heard of Dracula? That was the historic ruins that inspired Bram Stoker to write his thrilling but fascinating tale. It's definitely worth visiting, although you do have to walk up the famed 199 steps staircase in order to reach it. Was good exercise for me especially since I'd just had a really unhealthy but ever so delicious ice cream from one of the local stalls...

Heading towards Whitby Abbey

Enjoying the glorious sun
That was despite the fact that I decided to end the day off with a good old fashioned meal of beer-battered fish (minus the chips) before taking the 6pm train back to reality.

Last photo at Whitby